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Art as a juggling act

Meeting deadlines. Scratching a task off my list. Resolving an issue. All of these things bring me great satisfaction. They particularly appeal to an extremely organized, conscientious, and business-oriented facet of my personality that comes and goes. For clarity and convenience, let’s refer to this particular personality trait as “the Manager.” I originally employed the Manager when I saw an opportunity to correct counterproductive behaviors. If I'd drank a bit too much one night at the expense of a test grade, the Manager came, fixed things, and turned a blind eye in weeks to come. In most aspects of my life, the Manager didn't stay for too long. However, the Manager took more license during the acquisition of my art degree, and I’m definitely glad for it. However, like almost anything, too much of a good thing isn’t always so good. 

The Manager had always understatedly existed in my art practice. But when art became a professional possibility for me, the Manager quickly too…

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