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Feminine energy in the arts: a conversation with Shelley Anthos

If I were to use one word to describe the art of Shelley Anthos, a dear friend of mine who I originally met at a summer camp for the arts, it would be diverse. Her portfolio is unbound by any particular style or aesthetic, but each different piece has one thing in common with the other: a profound emotional presence. 
During my long and eloquent conversation with Shelley, I gained insight into how she perceives her own art and how little it has to do with a single identity. “The ego is moldable,” she explained. This thought sparked my fascination, leading me to consult several readings, including Being Singular Plural by Jean-Luc Nancy. In an excerpt from the book, Nancy identifies our human tendency to separate ourselves from other “people” by attempting to exist as a “person” separate from the whole. “‘People’ clearly designates the mode of ‘one’ by which ‘I’ remove myself, to the point of appearing to forget or neglect the fact that I myself am part of ‘people.’ In any case, this se…

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